“One Planet is a boutique wine company consisting of
premium wines from world renowned wine regions.
Our philosophy is simple; we believe there is

Originally developed with innovation in mind, Sam Atkins and Phil Reedman MW have been discussing alternative packaging for the wine industry since the late 1990’s when both were involved in the major move in the United Kingdom towards screw cap.

"Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure”.
Albert Einstein .

One Planet came to life in 2009 with the first packaging of One Planet wine after a number of years of research, discussion and false starts. One Planet has now grown to represent a wide and varied range of core values and wines from the worlds leading wine regions.

One Planet is now .fully accredited as a NoCo2 brand by the Carbon Education Institute of Australia demonstrating its value to the environment and sustainability characteristics, but where One Planet has excelled is in enhancing our lifestyles by providing outstanding wines from around the world at great prices in convenient, efficient, lightweight packaging that can be enjoyed with family and friends everywhere, inside and out.